Different login screens?

The login screen that I see when logging in after boot, and the login screen that I see when locking my computer are not the same. On the screen I get when locking my computer, if I press switch user, I see the first login screen that I see after boot.

I was wondering if this behavior is intended and part of the design, or if maybe this is some kind of configuration problem with lightdm.


It is by design.

The lock screen is provided by gnome-screensaver. When you press switch user, it then displays the login screen.

The login screen is the greeter called slick-greeter that is the graphical part of the lightdm login manager.

Thank you, that clears things up for me.

And just out of curiosity, is it common for Linux distributions to have a login screen and a lock screen that are provided by different applications? Before Ubuntu Budgie I was using Pop!_OS, and if I remember correctly, the login screen and lock screen were the same.

popos login manager is called GDM - aka GNOME Display Manager.

In recent years it was reworked to provide a lock screen as part of the display manager.

Previously to this GNOME Screensaver was the lock screen.

LightDM does not have a integral lock screen. There has been attempts in the past to use third-party tools such as light-locker to provide a mimic of a lock screen that looks like the login screen. light-locker is rather dead now i.e. no longer under development.

Okay, makes sense. Thank you for explaining!