Gnome-screensaver or LightDM slick-greeter 18.04

Hi, thanks for all your great work on UbuntuBudgie. I hope I’m posting in the right place.
Just updated to 18.04 and had no major issues so far. This is bothering me though…

For locking, you have chosen gnome-screensaver (with modifications). It looks great!

When ending a session (logging out), I’m greeted by lightdm slick-greeter. Which also looks good!

Wouldn’t it make sense for both of them to be the same?
My preference would be the lock screen look (so gnome-screensaver)

I found this open issue in budgie-artwork which I think illustrates a similar issue.

Is this the desired behaviour, and if so, how can I work around it, can I enable automatic session login and force lockscreen on session start?

Thanks, keep up the good work!

It is something we have wanted to look at for a long while as you have pointed out. Unfortunately we have never figured out how to make the changes to make this happen.

Happy if someone more knowledgeable helps us out here.