Can I safely ditch Slick-Greeter for something else, like GDM3?

Hey all~
New here, also new to Budgie BUT not new to Linux, nor Ubuntu [been using since Dapper Drake days] Still, this is sort of a “newbie” type question [mainly because, before now, I’ve not had a desire to tinker this way]

I have Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 installed. I know Budgie is currently built on top of Gnome [3] [gtk] and that it uses LightDM, specifically “Slick-Greeter” as an overrlay for the Display Manager/Login Manager/Greeter [know the technical term is Display Manager (DM) but really, I personally feel Login Manager is a better description lol]

The thing is, Slick Greeter is so barebones and I want some tweaks to it. [Specifically: Changing from Military Time (24 hour clock) to am:pm clock, removing the accessibility and keyboard layout icons and having the user[s] Display Picture/Profile Picture show up on the login screen.

I found the “settings” in the dconf editor, but they are so few and none address my desires. So I am wondering … can I safely switch to like GMD3 or something for my DM?

I am inclined to say yes for GDM3 but probably NO for any KDE/QT based ones [as those libraries may fight].

I ask because I am new to Budgie and don’t know how intertwined Slick-Greeter is to Budgie … So thoughts?

I don’t think it’s necessary to switch away from LightDM/Slick Greeter. There are many config options available including “clock-format=” where any parameters if the “date” command can be set.

For more check

Nevertheless, to not derail from your question:
Switching to any login/display manager works. Libraries don’t interfere, especially for Gtk based desktop environments like Budgie, Gnome etc.

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Thanks, I looked over that site already … under the “available config options” I do not see a “clock-format=” option nor the display pic option so I think I will give another DM a try :slight_smile:

I’d try the options mentioned first as it’s less work but ymmv. :wink:

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Well, even on the site that supposedly documents the configuration settings, they don’t show how to do a timed login. GDM, MDM all had this functionality, and if LightDM/Slick have this capability, they can’t be bothered to tell us about it. So dumpingLightDM and going back to MDM looks to be the only option.

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This bug says that it timed log in is available now. Never tried it though