Display Server Crashes Upon hibernate - Lenovo Z50-70


I would like first to apologies if this is in the wrong forum, and seek your pardon for my English as I am not a native speaker sighs.
I am running Budgie 18.04LTS and i have noticed that suddenly my X-Server crashes and drop me to the command line with the following error massages:

2.37 No IRQ handler for vector

Swap Header not Found

Couple of things:
Yes, I dont have SWAP space if you wonder, and i will try to use mkswap to fix this.
I am using the “Proprietary” NVidia drivers from Ubuntu Offecial repos.

Side note:
After force shutdown, restarted to find the battery is @ 0% so I am assuming this happens when the Laptop is trying to hibernate due to critical low battery. >> "Can I get an error or hint when battery is low instead of the sudden shutdown in budgies?’
I hope the above would help you guys to point me to the right direction.

Many thanks.

Hibernation is a hit or miss affair on Linux. It always has been. How did you enable Hibernation? What instructions did you use?

I was thinking it hibernates beause when I rebooted the system it did show me 0% battery. However, i am not sure now what went wrong (twice).
I had to re-install and now I am using the default settings with NVidia driver from the repo and it did not happen again.
So, I am thinking it was the NVidia driver i have downloaded from NVidia directly.

I did submit a bug report here:


Just an update regarding this one:
I have tried the lates upstream Kernel and it works just fine.

Linux #### 4.16.11-041611-generic #201805221331 SMP Tue May 22 17:34:25 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux