Drivers de GPU AMD y CPU Intel

Good afternoon, I have a question about Ubuntu Budgie 20.04. I have an Intel I7 4900MQ Processor and an AMD FirePro m5100 GPU and I don’t know if they have to install additional private drivers, or Ubuntu installs them by default; And in any case, do you know how you could monitor its use? And if they are installed by default, do you know how to verify that the drivers are installed both for the GPU and for the processor and its integrated GPU?

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Por lo tanto, le pido que formule su pregunta nuevamente en inglés.

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Probably this for your AMD GPU ?

Linux firmware

You might look in « software & updates » [ = run software-properties-gtk from a terminal ] see if anything shows in the 5th tab, « Additional drivers ».

And finally a recent how-to
Beware amdgpu-pro driver is not available yet for Ubuntu 20.04.

Am just gathering some information here, I have no AMD GPU to try by my side, hope it will help !

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Thank you very much, I appreciate it, I really did not know the existence of this community, but I liked it, I am new to Linux and therefore I do not understand very well how it works, I hope very soon to be able to learn to help more people