Preventing Nvidia drive during installation

I am big fun of Budgie, but from 18.04 onward, Budgie is running really heavy (fan is running, just by opening firefox)o n my laptop (Asus i7 7700HQ, 24Gb Ram). I tried some other ubuntu distros and I noticed that Lubuntu is running really smooth compare to other distros on my laptop. The reason could be that Lubuntu does not install Nvidia graphic driver. The intel graphic card is more than enough for my daily usage. Is there any way, I could prevent installing Nvidia graphic driver during installation?

Sure - don’t tick the option to install wifi and other proprietary stuff at the beginning of the install.

Nvidia installation is part of that option if ticked.

Great thanks a lot for the quick reply.
I will try that. Hopefully, my wifi will still work, after installation :slight_smile:

If it doesnt - connect via a wired connection - then in Menu - Hardware Drivers, just activate the wifi driver that would be presented as an option.

Great, once again thanks a lot for the help!

At installation time, proprietary drivers for graphics should be an option by itself ( and not hidden inside other stuff ) see UBudgie 20.04 + Nvidia GF116 [ GeForce GTS450 Rev.2 ]