Drivers availability


I have an old gaterway md7818u laptop which Im thinking of installing Bugie on it as it got too old for windows but I don’t know if I will be needing any drivers or everything will be supported ?

The easiest way to verify is to launch into a live session and check things out. Check bluetooth (if you have), wifi, sound etc.

Note - some wifi hardware demands drivers that are not opensource - during the installation you are offered to choose to auto install wifi and other restricted drivers.

what do you mean with this?

Write the UB ISO to a usb stick.

Plugin your USB stick - if necessary look in your BIOS and ensure it boots USB first rather than your hard-drive.

Choose the live-session (Try Ubuntu Budgie) option when booting.

ok great… thanks =]

The live session has a lot. You’ll probably want to open everything you want, and test if it works…
Also note - you can install packages with sudo apt install package_name. There is no sudo password required on live session.


Videocard is an onboard Intel GMA 4500.
Wireless: Wi-Fi Link 5100.

iwlwifi is the driver you need in case you need a manual install.

But it will likely work.

Everything works perfect guys! thanks