Macbook white with Budgie

Anyone used Budgie on a Macbook White machiine? Circa 2009/2010?

I have two, and I am trying to run Budgie on it now from CD (will install after I poke around a bit).

Looks really good, but the built-in wifi didn’t work. I DID happen to have a
TPLINK WiFi USB dongle (about $15 at Microcenter) and it appears to work quite well.


Any thoughts on the built-in wifi on this Macbook?


If it’s this macbook, when you install 19.10 or 20.04 you should tick the install wifi option during the install for the wifi to be auto installed

If you are using 18.04 then after installation, connect via ethernet. The goto your hardware drivers screen to install and enable the hardware driver offered.

It totally works on this macbook, I used this very macbook with Ubuntu Budgie 18.04-19.10, elementary OS and Solus 4.0 (I tried them all out, no success with Manjaro, but maybe that was just me.). Solid solid workhorse, just got too long in the tooth for me when I was presented with a newer laptop (Hello, Thinkpad P50!). Literally, once you replace the HDD for an SSD and upgrade to the full 6? 8? GB of ram (depends on the model) it is near perfect. The macbook was capable of updating to High Sierra, but frankly was too slow for my tastes on such a heavy macOS. Linux was the perfect solution. There can be only so many laptops in one’s life, though.

It should just load from USB (did for me) Burn an .iso with Balena Etcher, and when you reboot, hold the option key down with the USB installer already plugged in. It will come up with a list of the bootable drives, one of which will be your USB. It will probably say it’s Windows, just ignore that. Wipe the target internal drive when you install. Don’t try for fancy dual booting on a macbook, you will regret it. Apple has made it too difficult for mere mortals.

David FF is correct: when installing, set up the wifi. If it drops away after your clean install, connect your macbook to the modem briefly with an ethernet cable and the software drivers should find you. You are looking for a Broadcomm driver that will arrive in the software extras, not the software centre where you install programs like inkscape, etc. That was pretty inventive to use an external USB wifi dongle, but it will prevent the software drivers from setting up the internal wifi

I have to say this era of macbook has a lovely keyboard experience, unlike the HP Elitebook I salvaged from the junk bin at work. Nice trackpad too.

Report back how awesome it is, Charlie :slight_smile: