Install Apple Drivers on a MacBook Pro Mid 2017.

Good evening, Dear.
I hope you are very well, I installed Linux Ubuntu Budgie Desktop 21.04 (Hirsute) to a MacBook Pro 15 inches, mid-2017 Model: MacBook Pro 14.3.
Unfortunately they do not work for me: The audio, Wi-fi.
I tried in vain through the graphical interface, where it says more drivers, but can’t find them.
The autodetection of drivers is very poor or null in this version.
I tried by terminal, but it was useless, my audio card is: Cirrus Logic (Cirrus Audio CS4206 and Cirrus Audio CS4208)
And my Wi-fi card is Broadcom Wireless.
I was able to download the Apple drivers (Drivers Bootcamp) but they are for Windows.
How could I install these drivers in Linux Ubuntu Budgie Desktop 21.04 (Hirsute)?
Please, if you can help me, advise to install the audio and Wi-fi drivers in the MacBook Pro.
Greetings and successes…!!

Make sure you are connected via a cable to the Internet.

Then open up menu - additional drivers. At that point you should be invited to activate your broadcom drivers.