Eject Devices applet

Does an applet exist where you can click a button on the panel and see all removable storage devices plugged in, and mount/unmount(eject) devices? This is a feature Windows has, it’d be cool if UB had it too.

DropBy is for USB only, I’m talking about all applets. Also a notification when any removable storage device is plugged in would be cool

Hmm… what sort of non usb devices are you thinking of?

You mean something like quick eject? And also to eject things like DVD drives?

Yes, @GrindamN that’s what I mean.
DVD, CD, SD card, external harddrive, etc.
Something like

Notifications, as an optional feature, by the applet would also be awesome

I am aware of that feature :slight_smile:
I was asking if it could somehow be available on the panel, through an applet.

Another nice thing Unity used to do out of the box… plug anything, it will appear in the dock, from where you can manage it ( eject, remove safely, unmount… )

Being into the panel is very convenient as you don’t need to leave what you are doing ( ie. come back to desktop or launch files explorer ) to deal with it.

…reminds also that loading a dvd ( movie ) does not launch it automatically in a player - not the same problem but part of these little useful things that get lost with newer Ubuntu version ( or should I say get lost by underlying Gnome engine ? )

I use the places applet to eject DVD and USB. It displays local and other volumes.


Yea but I want a standalone one :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll look into making it myself