DropBy applet ⋅ only shows usb disk or thumbs?


a question, maybe a wish…

It seems DropBy applet only shows usb plugged « disks ».

It won’t show a camera, a phone or an optical disc.

Intended ?

I was expecting DropBy to show anything that « falls » into /media/$USER/… or anything usb-plugged.

edit : okay, camera does not fall into /media/… but gphoto2://NIKON_NIKON_DSC_D3200_000006832067/ and phones may be mtp related…

Identification is done by type (usb). Indeed mtp devices are on my wishlist to add. There are a few other targets to get though before I can continue working on DroBy (apart from the updates we already applied for 20.10 on DropBy).

So not everything’s found in /media/$USER ??? Most automatic mounting are done there.

For usb-plugged cameras/phones/other storage devices, I assume it’s more complex ( mtp, gvfs, other abstraction layer ? ).

Not to open another thread.

I saw on 20.10 we can change the notification position of dropby.

Will it be « backported » to 20.04 ?

No to the normal universe repos. its not really a stability or critical issue and since it is a visual change there will be complicated translation issues to contend with.

I suppose the groovy version could be uploaded to backports. I haven’t done this before so will need to find time to understand what is involved

We also have our daily build ppa that builds the latest and greatest warts and all for all supported ubuntu versions