USB insertion indicator (DropBy) problem - stuck visible on screen

There is a very irritating problem that occurs on almost every (but not all) insertion of an external USB drive: the indicator box pops up top right on the screen but generally cannot be made to disappear. Clicking on it or the icon has no effect (this is if I don’t want to mount the volume eg if only charging a device). If I click it to mount the volume a file browser window (nautilus ?) opens and occasionally the popped out indicator disappears - but usually not. This is super-irritating as it covers the new tab area in a maximised Firefox. As I type now the box has gone leaving behind an up arrow floating.

It would be nice if this indicator had an x on it like the printing etc messages - and hid itself automatically after a couple of seconds.


64bit UB 18.04

indeed. This is a known issue. My advice is to remove the dropby applet for now.

This is fixed in 20.04

Thanks fossfreedom - I’ll do that. I am just waiting for the prompt that it’s safe for an LTS upgrade - I would guess when 20.04.1 or 20.04.2 is seen to be all ok. I don’t rush to do an LTS upgrade - Budgie 18.04 has been rock-solid and totally reliable!

That’s fine.

We are doing some preliminary tests with the latest 20.04.1 candidate ISO’s at the moment. The official release of 20.04.1 is 6th August so you’ll start seeing notifications for the upgrade a few days after that.

20.04.2 is jan/feb next year.