Usb unmount notification only if done from nemo

When I have to unplug a USB device, the notification (you can safely remove / wait writing data) as a popup and as an item in raven notification section, appear ONLY if I use the nemo right clic option “eject”. If I try to do this from the device desktop icon or from the DropBy applet little window no notification is created.
I think a notification is important (always) because using desktop icon right clic eject or DropBy applet ejecy the icon is immediatly removed from desktop also if the system is yet writing data (with a corrupted data or missing files result in the usb device). So, is not true (as I read somewhere) that the icon disappear from the desktop when all data are written and the device is safely removable.

My configuration:
ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
AMD Ryzen 7 4800H
budgie 10.5.1


Its odd that you have the inconsistency between the device desktop icon and nemo … both are actually nemo. So there is a query there to be had with linux mint who provides nemo.

As to DropBy - yeah. More research will need to be done here - probably digging around in the nemo code to understand what is happening when right clicking and choosing the eject option. Then - if necessary - can plan what to-do if anything with DropBy.