Firewall GUFW (Where is it?)

A suggestion to the Developers?.. for “new people”, making the switch from Windows to Budgie. Maybe this issue has already been addressed in the 21.04 upgrade? I just think it would be a more user friendly experience if the GUFW was included in the set-up process. I know it’s possible to search in the Repository, or to install it using the Terminal… but I didn’t on day 1. I do know “MINT” does it this way… and I consider MINT too bloated, but a Firewall isn’t really bloat. I think this would reduce anxiety and help any ex-Win-user to feel at home right from the start.

It can be installed through the Getting Started/Optional Tasks of Budgie Welcome as well.

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As I have said elsewhere in this forum, Ubuntu Budgie includes this very handy app Budgie Welcome. It is a welcome screen application to greet new users on their first login. Those who follow the instructions and recommendations of the app will learn almost everything a beginning Ubuntu Budgie user needs to know. If you haven’t checked out the Budgie Welcome app yet, please do so. I can only recommend this app, it really helped me when I was new to Ubuntu Budgie.

All I’m saying is: After installing Ubuntu Budgie, Gufw should show up automatically in the start menu with the option to activate. I know MINT does it this way. It’s just an opinion.

Thx for sharing your thoughts.

Firewalls are complicated things to get right. Out of the box firewalls dont really provide much if any security IMHO. They need to be tailored.

So it’s kind of a false impression to bundle out of a box something that could be construed as providing something that it really doesnt.

Asking people to think if they need it via a recommendation is one way to give it more visibility though.

Anyway … just my thoughts.

Whether using ufw from the terminal or the gufw front end, any rules to close or open ports need to be configured by the user. If you run servers or use Linux for business there may be advantages to setting firewall rules.

I agree… The problem is people tend to get careless. They think their (firewall/virus program) will protect them from anything and everything. Most often, it’s a link, email attachment, or a third-party-software that causes the trouble. It’s good to have any firewall, but it’s no guaranty. I have Gufw installed and I also have the firewall in my router (double protection?) Honestly, if someone like the NSA wants to hack into my PC, their gonna do it.