Force Upgrade from 19.04 to 19.10?

Im trying to upgrade to 19.10 but I guess the update hasnt rolled out to me yet… Anyways is there a way to upgrade from the 19.10 ISO? Or is it better to do do-release-upgrade -d? I thought the -d would load the latest development version and not the final release?

I would really urge you to hang on just a little while longer. Over the weekend Canonical devs where discussing when to send out the upgrade notification as an update. So if its not today/tomorrow it does look like it will be sometime this week.

What canonical are looking at are the bug reports coming in for those people installing from the ISO. If they aren’t deemed critical then the notification will be pushed out early. If the issues are important/critical then the notification message will be delayed until the issues are resolved.

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Gotcha, thanks for the update!

I can update my sistem with the comand sudo do-release-upgrade -d, can I update from this or I need to wait for the update window ?

the -d flag says “upgrade to the next development release” - so that’s very bad - you could in theory end up on Focca when the development archive opens.

Recommend strongly to wait for the update notification to appear.

I received the upgrade notification and did the upgrade on two laptops (C2D Macbook and a Xeon Thinkpad) (Usually I just do fresh install) Is it always that long? I must be spoiled! Smooth upgrade, a long list of things going in/autoremoved on the way out. My question is:

When I am updating during the regular course of a short term release, aren’t I already getting all these updates? Why was there such a long update process? I’m even using an SSD, heaven forbid I had been using a HDD.

Good good. Thanks for the feedback.

The upgrade process involves alot of check and double checks to ensure it goes well. Obviously a fresh install doesnt have todo those.

Just to clarify. During the course of a release you are getting bug fixes and stability fixes. The upgrade to a new release is giving you new functionality from brand new upstream software


I dig all that, I was reporting my experience. I know most everyone takes it all in stride, but this is my first experience of actually upgrading rather than a clean install in almost three years. I’m thinking of updating my install of 18.04 LTS Friday AM.
That one will take forever, still on an HDD.