Issue upgrading from 17.10 to 18.04

Hello everyone,
I’m currently running version 17.10. When running the software updater, it says that the computer is up to date. I tried to run from TTY as well but got the same result. Don’t really want to reinstall fresh as I have all my apps working the way I want at the moment.


The automatic update notification often occurs one or two days after the release date. This is done to ease the burden on the update servers

Ok thanks. Will give it another go over the weekend then. Cheers.

I still haven’t got the notification, is this a bug? I’ve tried running update-manager and it just says that I’m up to date. Anyway I can force the update?

Canonical devs are starting back to work after the weekend. They should be sending down the wires the notification update they were talking about on Friday via IRC before work hours ended.

So hopefully soon

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Still no upgrade to 18.04 showing automatically.

What I did to get the upgrade triggering:

sudo apt install ubuntu-budgie-desktop

The system might ask to restart. Enter after rebooting:

sudo update-manager -d

You will see an upgrade button.

That is fine now but be careful in the future … The -d flag will upgrade to the next development release … which could seriously mess up your system. The next development series has not yet opened up but it will on the next week or so.

Using the sudo update-manager -d command gave the upgrade button but the OS became unstable after the upgrade with crashes of the budgie theme app and other strange things happening. I made a backup and re-installed fresh. So far so good.

I finally got the notification :slight_smile:

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