Easy path to upgrade from 17.10 to 18.04?

On my desktop, I will stay with 17.10 until 18.04 is not in Beta anymore (I need a stable PC)

But would like to upgrade my laptop from 17.10 to 18.04, I will be able to help / report bugs and play with it ( more that just in a VM)

Is there an upgrade path ? Or I need to fresh install ?


This should help you getting things running smoothly:

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Will it update budgie to their 18.04 version too ? Or only Ubuntu " under the hood" ?
Tks !

That latter. dist-upgrade or it’s graphical counterparts don’t distinguish between Ubuntu core and Ubuntu Budgie metapackaged parts atop.

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followed the steps, still in process to update my station " BUT" it seem it installing postfix mail server ( doing some server kind of installation)…

Will have to find what has been installed during th upgrade LOL

Worse case I will install fresh the latptop…

May be postfix was the only thing that stressed me during the upgrase process…


OOPS upgrade became a mess LOL will reinstall fresh the laptop :slight_smile: Don,t worry