Ubuntu Budgie 18.10. Upgrade or Not?

I would like to know if people upgraded to 18.10 and if is stable to upgrade. Pos x Cons are welcome

Haven’t had any issues at all. I use it for web development, so lots of VMs, processes etc and didnt have any problems whatsoever.

I upgraded as the website recommended. no problems till now!

As an ordinary Linux-Ubuntu user, it is not worth switching.

The main feature that you loose is the Canonical Live Update service. Which is only available on LTS releases. Other than that, then I would recommend you upgrade.

18.10 is a solid release. However, if your on 18.04 and want the best of both worlds try the backports ppa.


Thanks for the response.
I Did made an upgrade to 18.10, but something happen that when I tryed to shutdown, logoff or suspend the notebook frozen, and I had to hard reset. Maybe I installed something or made something that broke something.
So I did a clean install of 18.04 and added the backports PPA as suggested.

Thank you all!