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Fresh 18.04 install, no caffeine and caffeine-indicator


I just noticed that caffeine and caffeine-indicator were both missing from my 18.04 fresh install.
So I installed them and added caffeine to the Autostart Apps.

How do I get the Indicator to show up, can’t add it as an Applet?


Do make sure you have the appindicator applet added to you panel.


Ahh indeed I confused that with another applet.
Still strange that I did a fresh install on two systems and one has caffeine installed and the other not?


Scratching head time…


O well it works just fine now, thanks.

One quick question though, I’m suspecting I accidentally fresh installed my two systems with an image I downloaded late the night of April 25.
Did anything actually change in the image overnight, it identifies itself as 18.04 LTS alright?


Wednesday’s image was missing a release block fix that caused the live session to be displayed only 50% of the time. Nothing was changed in terms of the end-installation routine.

So essentially you are on the LTS release.