Fully install Ubuntu Budgie onto USB drive

How can actually install Ubuntu Budgie onto my USB drive? I don’t mean live boot with persistence. I have done this with pop_os!, which I believe is based on Ubuntu. I’m pretty sure a bunch of other distros have an option similar to this. I have tried Something Else in the install menu, made a EXT4 partition and mounted it at /, and also set the boot loader location to my USB drive. It still installs the boot loader to my hard drive. Or, that’s what I think - I’m pretty new to all of this. Basically, it is partially installed onto the drive, but it only works on one computer. I would like it to be kind of a portable OS, but I do not want to live boot. Thanks!

Think this Q&A will be still applicable for 18.04

If you have a UEFI (if your computer is not old you probably do) you need to create an EFI-partition etc.
I have budgie 18.04 on a pendrive as a regular installation. I chose the EFI-partition as the place for the boot loader, however grubcfg.efi (or so) still lands on the internal ssd. So I had to configure secure boot. One part of the bootloader is apparently on the internal ssd but I have no problem with that. Does not disturb Windows in any way. You only notice it if you configure secure boot and press F12 when starting the computer so you get the boot menu.
However, the OS only works on one computer of it is no live-usb. If you want it to work on different computers, it needs to be live (with a persistent file).

I’ve installed 18.04 on a usb key vis Virtualbox: mounted iso image, then at boot activated usb key so the live system sees it as the only disk, and finally installed as usual. Don’t know with 19.04 because usually I use only LTS.

UPDATE: I’ve right now installed 19.04 on usb key via VirtualBox and it works

I’m running on a USB stick with persistence right now. I used a program called MKUSB.
I have to catch it with “F12” to boot up. It works nicely but I can’t access the HD on my computer (ext4) as I don’t have permission. Does anyone know how to correct this?

In theory it should just work. Unless you have encrypted the drive or a folder on the drive.

Not encrypted but full of folders. It’s my “/user-data” drive I use in place of home. I’m having trouble with my primary SSD card drive constantly crashing, no matter what distribution I use.

I did open it with “sudo caja” I don’t know the name of the file manager in Budgie, so I installed “caja” from Mate which I’m used to and like.

I managed to open it today using the native file manager. It suggested “root” and I was able tp copy a movie to USB data. on the persistent USB drive.