Clean install won't boot to hard drive

I just completed a clean install of Budgie 18.04. At the end a message is displayed that says, “To complete the computer must be restarted.” It does not say remove usb first. Then, it boots up to the install window on my usb. In order to continue, I have to click quit, and it boots to the usb. How do I get it to boot to the hard drive?

Hi and welcome.

Please can you describe how you installed UB? I.e. on what hard-drive? What options did you use in the installer? Did you use the option to install onto specific partitions? If so which partition did you install grub?

EFI or bios install? Dual boot? With what operating system?

I used the “Minimal Install” option and formatted the rest of the hard drive. There is nothing else on the disk. I used a usb stick which I had downloaded on my laptop using Windows 10. It included the ISO.

Did you use the option to install on the entire disk?

Yes, I chose full install to the hard drive.

So what happens if you removed the USB now and just boot normally?

Is it one of these laptops such as HP that dont follow the EFI spec and hard-code booting windows? Sometimes some manufacturers force you to go through the choose boot option menu. F2/F8/F10 immediately on boot

In some cases you can use the instruction here to fix a boot issue that has gone awry

Sorry for the delay.

When I boot without the usb and modify the boot sequence to boot from the hard drive, nothing happens. The “on” button turns from white to red and the processor light stops.


I decided to start over. I downloaded Puppy and did an install to hard drive. Everything works now.