Gee, that didn't make sense

What text in Ubuntu Budgie dialog boxes or UB man pages didn’t make sense, or maybe needed a quick edit? Typos, spacing issues, grammar, you name it. Let me know, and I’ll try to get it fixed. (English only please)


I had a hard time finding real mistakes (only found 1 and even that is me assuming to know English as a non-native) and I agree the I am nitpicking here.

  • The sentence in introduction->open source does not flow for me:

Screenshot from 2020-02-07 19-42-00

I would expect a “that” between “is” and “they”.

  • Something that I noticed but might not be seen as a bug: I see “Budgie” (at the top) “ubuntu Budgie” and “Ubuntu Budgie” used at the 1st page opened in “Welcome”. Might be nicer it is was all Ubuntu Budgie.

  • The “getting started”->“Browser ballot”. Chromium is open source, Firefox is free and open source, Vivaldi is free. Are they not all open source and free(?) And even the other browsers listed(?)

  • “Features”. There seems to be a space in front of “GNOME MVP”.

  • Restricted extra’s: a missing space after Ubuntu.

  • Language+Input, Input method: a missing space after Fcitx.

So that was me trying my darnest to find typos and failing.

Sadly, American English has reduced to where the “that” in your sentence is implied and not often used.

Good point on the capitalization. Open source… I should ask on that. Chromium is open source, but not all aspects of it? Has it been polluted by Google proprietary code? At this point, I can vouch for Web and Midori and Firefox as being open source and free. Brave has a cryptocurrency aspect to it, does that stretch the meaning of “free”?

Also, your comment: Restricted extra’s – never use an apostrophe to indicate plural. If that is in there, I will attempt to fix it.

I also saw some spacing issues in the Welcome app. As soon as I learn HOW to do these things, I will check them out. I appreciate knowing a few places to look at, rather than having to scan every inch of documentation.

They just gave me my title a few days ago. I have yet to be shown how to actually modify anything, but I thought I’d get the ball rolling with this post, and I thank you for your help.

No that is my typo :slight_smile:

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