Insufficient space between browser descriptions in the ballot


Noted. Simple stuff like this can be solved by the community through a pull request that would be most welcome. It is html and css.

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I know. The problem is that when I did try to use GitHub, I did not feel welcome.

Hence, posting here instead.

Github-solus project is upstream

Github-ubuntubudgie is our distro.

Budgie-welcome is our (both your and mine) software … nothing todo with upstream.

As such … given it is our software… everyone who uses it is most welcome to suggest and make changes.

Right, I’m familiar with open source.

What I was disappointed with and turned me off from contributing via Githb was the attitude in the GitHub threads I’ve linked above. Curt, unfriendly replies like

No. I won’t be using this issue tracker for Budgie 11.

OK, fine, how will the issue I raised be handled? I spent some time and effort reporting it, and I’d like to know those weren’t in vain.

Or disregard for the user experience in the name of technical reasons:

The popovers steal focus, working as intended.

Or displays of ego…

I would say it isn’t my problem

…followed by shooting the messenger and killing the conversation:

I cannot comment how another project handles matters.

For our distro I raised your matter here at the point you raised it and have labelled it as help wanted

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