Global Menu applet on desktop : unexpected feature?


it’s been months I use Budgie, Global Menu and Pixel Saver applets, amongst others.

And it’s been months I wonder, while on desktop, what is the « Fichiers » menu ( files ).

By chance I get it only today :

So, is it an error translation, maybe that should read « Downloads / Téléchargements » instead ?

Or is it possible to set the place looked at ?

Does look like a translation issue - although I’m surprised that you are seeing that now

I presume that is nautilus? There hasn’t been a nautilus update for a long time unless you are using 19.04 & the proposed channel?

18.04 LTS

How is it related to Nautilus ?

Well it’s been long to notice since to be honest I didn’t really use those Global Menu applet features on the desktop - I first thought Files / Fichiers menu was a kind of recent list, but not…

I presume global menu was showing nautilus menu. If it isnt, not sure what that app its displaying the menu for.

Ah ok, I understand why you talked about Nautilus now but no, while on desktop, Global Menu does not show the « desktop-handler » menus, it show some predefined menus :
⋅ Bureau / Desktop → here are system preferences and computer infos
⋅ Fichiers / Files → in fact shows « Downloads / Téléchargements » folder
⋅ others are the namely expected places.

Is there ways to :
⋅ not show them at all while on desktop ?
⋅ or set them otherwise ?

That menu is the hidden nautilus desktop window showing desktop icons. You can switch-off desktop icons from budgie-desktop-settings - desktop if you dont want to show the nautilus menu

But then I’d lost icons on desktop, not for me.

So you say those « entries » on desktop in Global Menu come from Nautilus, not from applet itself ?
Then the mistaken translation regarding Fichiers vs. Téléchargements belong to Nautilus ?

correct - from nautilus