Global menu is getting cut out

I’ve updated Kinto now to include my Alt-Tab patch on top of your fork until it is able to be merged officially.

Additionally I plan make Ubuntu Budgie the first Linux Distro to have a tray app for Kinto and once that happens I will try to repackage in it for inclusion with Ubuntu Budgie. I really do like this distro and it probably impresses me the most and I have tried a lot of distros lol.

I am curious to know what you think of the supposed Qt rewrite coming for Budgie, if you guys plan to follow that path or possibly do a Mate thing and simply keep maintaining this fork of it? I would assume it may just be a wait and see sorta thing.

That was a proposal from a few years ago.

It has now been dropped from upstreams plans. They have decided GTK4 + a replacment for mutter for the window manager is the preferred route. No timeframe has been given.

I might should create a separate thread, because none of this relates to the original thread subject title any more.

So the PR that had been accepted to fix the Alt-Tab issue ended up being pulled back out of the upstream repo. I have re-submitted it though addressing the issue(s) it introduced.

Additionally I have just completed the system tray app for Budgie to fully control Kinto after install. I plan to also create a separate system tray app for Gnome, XFCE and KDE before merging this new code into Kinto’s master branch.

Only thing I am not quite sure how to do is add the Kinto Applet automatically after it installs, so the user does not need to use the GUI to add it the rest of the way.

That’s not how budgie applets work. You have to manually add the applet via budgie desktop settings.

If the applet is an app indicator then it will auto appear after running … e.g. if set to autostart

I see… I guess I based my work on an existing Applet not realizing I should have been using an App Indicator instead. I would prefer that, although I think it to be best to create 2 services/apps at that point. It would resolve the issue of needing people to configure/add the applet to the panel.

Many upstream changes may depend on GTK4 and that is in the hands of Gnome.