Graphics settings not saving upon reboot, along with odd transparency in some apps like 2048 and Firefox

I have set my nvidia driver as the metapackage from nvidia-driver-460 as it gives me the smoothest experience, the X.Org X server package doesn’t allow me to change any graphical settings and leaves my 2k 170hz monitor stuck at 1080p 60hz. I can set my monitor to run at its best settings with the nvidia x server settings app, but even when I save the file the settings will reset upon reboot.

I assume the graphics drivers have something to do with the transparency as well. Not only are some apps transparent, Firefox for example seems to go in and out of focus, with blurry text and buttons.

I wasn’t sure what other information would be necessary to provide on this first post, so please just ask and I can do my best to find it. Note: Yes I have looked through but didn’t find any of the tips to work.

It’s been a long time I did not deal with nvidia things…

Long ago for nvidia settings being kept between sessions, I used to launch the nvidia-x-settings as root then it would store its config accordingly.

Today I don’t know what is the proper way for launching it as root, maybe using pkexec ?