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Hello I want to help ubuntu budgie with 18.10 testing ;)


@fossfreedom I use broadcom drivers - so I have only to acivate them in hardware drivers? It is not necessary to download the drivers?


Correct. Only need to activate them in hardware drivers. Broadcom are not free… so activating then compiles the source automatically and adds to the kernel.


@fossfreedom thx for the fast answer :slight_smile:


Okay, I’ll attempt to update/check the broadcomm driver, now that you mention it, I can see it, digging through my own install. I bet it’s not a regression, merely an oversight on my part. - thanks David


btw would you recommen installing the beta 18.10 on the normal partition and replacing the version 18.04? Or should I install the beta version on a seperate partition?


From a helping to test point of view I would suggest a separate partition or ideally on a separate piece of hardware. In that way you can safely test and if things doesn’t work out you have a stable fall back.


Okay allright. So, I can work on problems or try to fix them. :wink: That’s true that a stable version is important.


It worked! We plugged the ethernet in and within a few minutes it applied the broadcomm driver, then we were off to the races. Thanks David :blush:

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