Help configure WINE + Anarchy Online, please

If someone really knowledgeable in Linux environment could help me, by setting up a guide of sorts, I’d greatly appreciate it.

It was on ItsFOSS that they recommend Ubuntu Budgie, and I’ve been a long time delver into the Linux environment, mostly very shallow dive as I often break things while learning, and give up.

Anyway, I followed a bunch of guides to set up WINE, and the game Anarchy Online, yet setting up WINE environment can be very challenging, a lot of guides out there refer to the 32bit install of Linux which can get in the way (running LTS 64bit version).

Somehow I finally got a old engine version of Anarchy Online running, there are two, one with a newer engine.

Older Engine -
Newer Engine -

I think I was able to set up the latest stable WINE, repositories, i386 environment, propitiatory nvidia driver.

Somehow I was able to frankenstine the installation environment properly using several guides trying commands they listed here and there, and I was able to start the game, however it did not remain post system reboot.

Currently I can run the EXE via WINE environment launcher, or the command line "wine but it always dumps me out saying that wine can not find the game files. So I believe it’s because the environment is not set up properly, and all the guides I find online to do so are for the 32bit version of Linux and do not work. (.net installation errors etc) (outdated guides)

If you could help set up a guide for installation of WINE and the game from scratch, I’d be forever grateful, and others would probably as well since they can probably apply it to other games in this specific distro version.

Some of the guides I tried:

I would prefer the new engine guide, if different.

Anyway, thank you.

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