How to make Wine work?

Good day everyone! First off, I’m very inexperienced on Linux, even though I used Ubuntu MATE as my main for some months, I dropped it because it was very unstable. NOw I’ve installed Ubuntu Budgie after distrohopping for a while, I fell in love with its interface and preinstalled software. But so far I’ve just had one problem, one that I also had on Ubuntu MATE and simply couldn’t resolve, so I gave up. Now I had the same problem in Ubuntu Budgie.

I can’t make a good install of Wine. First I installed from apt, following a guide for Ubuntu 20.04, it didn’t even open and I didn’t know why. Then I installed it from the WineHQ repos and alongside it, Winetricks. It opened but didn’t open any .exe, I installed the one program I need and it installed, but didn’t open, it always said "Program.exe is already running, close all modules and try again"

The program I need to install is Epi Info, an epidemiological statistic tool I need for research at my University.

Thanks! I hope someone can help, as there was no guide on the forum.

how do you launch exe file? By double-clicking on it or via terminal giving wine /path/to/exe/file?
Because, if I remember correctly, exe are set for opening with mono-runtime instead of wine so you need to change it (right click on exe, choose properties and open with).


EDIT: I’ve tried to run Epi on my pc both from 7z file and from installer: in first case it gave me a “file not found” error while in second case, after installation, launching Epi with a double click on its icon gave no result (as it gives you) but doing a ps aux | grep Epi from terminal, told me that a Epi process was running (so not a surprise if a second double click result is “Epi is already running”); nevertheless killing it (sudo kill -9 EPIProcessID) has been useless: re-double-clicking on it gives “Epi is already running” again.

Maybe you can ask for help on WineHQ forum (or what is): wit a bit of luck you can find someone who uses Epi (or someone who can tell you that running Epi on linux via wine is impossible).

If your pc has a fast processor and a nice amount of memory (at least 12 Gb is good for me) you can install VirtualBox and windows on it, Then you can run a Windows VM from your linux machine and Epi on it

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Thanks for making these tests! I really appreciate it. But yeah, I tried more or less the same yesterday. I’ll try to ask on the Wine forum, thanks.

I tried searching in the software center for any app that could process databases from an .xlsx as EPi does, and found Jamovi in the Flatpak repos. It seems to be an all encompassing statistics program, and has community modules that cover the epidemiology I’m trying to get.

I’ll update this if this alternative lets me do the same work, thanks!


have you taken a look to PSPP? Is sort of an open source SPSS; I used it until 2006 and it was nice and useful (windows porting, at this time, was buggy: never saw a 2 value for Student’s t!!!)


Considering you are a bit inexperienced, you may want to look into using playonlinux with Wine (but it seems as if your program may be not be working with Wine anyway…)