Problems with Nemo and Wine

This refers to 2 different machines both behave same way:
Nemo - the unmount icon in tree is barely visible, regardless width of column; its justified right.
Wine trying to run installer and get this dialog can go no further:
setup is unable to initialize the language dialog box

I just did a same Wine operation, with same ISO using MX Linux 64 and it worked flawlessly.
In Budgie have tried using install from Synaptics and Budgie package manager with no difference in results.

I dont use wine for anything. Quick look at the packages for wine in 20.04 there is wine which is v3 and wine-development which is v 5.5. Then there are the wine64 and wine64-development equivalents.

I am guessing you need to be selective which version you are using 32bit vs 64bit, stable vs development

The test is to use from synaptic, simply the wine distro. That prevents all the other options interfering.
And yes, I have also tried all the options from package manager as well.
What Im saying, is that the package used in Budgie, is not performing properly, but in other distros it is.

No - its the package in Ubuntu. There isnt anything distro specific here.

If you have an issue please file a bug report

ubuntu-bug wine

What I am saying is that there are several wine packages in the repo - you should see that in synaptic.

So check which one works best for your scenario - e.g. the v5 development package maybe a better fit for your specific scenario compared to the default v3 package.