Help setting the screensaver locking

I am trying to stop or change the screensaver locking timer and I can’t seem to find where or how to change this, can someone direct me.

It’s under the power settings, it should say Blank Screen : 5 minutes by default, you can change it to never or another time limit.


Thank you for the quick response! Of course that was the only place I did not check .

No problem! Everyday you learn more and more about computers! Enjoy!

Hi all!
Is there a reason why the black screen never activates even though it is set to start after 5 minutes?
From already thank you very much.

Here is a four years old thread :wink: you just woke up.

Is there any nVidia device in your computer ?

If so, using the according proprietary driver may help ( instead of the generic, open-source one called nouveau ).