I found out alot but have a small question here

Well, found out that doing well literaly anything on the system when the user setting
is “locked” will not apply the changes to my computer.
Now, how can I set the user to allways have open instead of getting locked out
every 5 minutes or so?

Thanks for your patience… Takes a lot of time to learn this

What can you do when everyone is watching the European Football Championship, but you yourself are not really interested? Well, you can search the forum for unanswered questions to possibly help another Ubuntu Budgie user.

To answer your question: If I understood your question correctly, you need to go to GNOME settings and adjust the necessary power settings there. See the screenshot below.

Settings > Power > Black screen > Never

…but you may also need to adjust accordingly the settings of lock screen in :

Settings → Privacy → lock screen → disable « automatic lock screen »

black screen ≠ lock screen ≠ sleep

⋅ first is « shut down » the screen ( power saving )
⋅ second is « hide your screen » and will ask for password to unhide it ( privacy )
⋅ sleep is …well almost turns off system for power saving.

Through these two menus in settings ( Power - or Energy - and Privacy ) you can link those actions and set delay between them ( after X minutes of blackscreen, lock screen is on, after Y minutes of inactivity, system goes to sleep ).

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