Hotkey to move active window 1 right and 1 left

It’s frustrating to move window to workspace *.
The Window mover applet requieres a gui to be involved.

I would love a way to move current window 1 workspace right or 1 workspace left with 2 different hotkeys.

It’s a good request - I might even have a go implementing it myself (famous last words!)

In GNOME Control Center there are two workspace options “Move to Workspace above” and “Move to Workspace below” - the shortcut keys there don’t seem to work. Maybe it could be coded by a change to budgie-desktop to move left/right instead.

Please raise an issue on the upstream tracker

Issue on github.

@RasmusKallas not sure what you mean by Window mover applet requieres a gui to be involved, but are you aware it can be run simply by Ctrl + W + number of the targeted workspace?

@vlijm I would find the hotkeys easier, also Window Mover Applet is also broken on my end so I’m not aware of it.

@RasmusKallas broken? Could you run /usr/lib/budgie-desktop/plugins/budgie-wmover/wmover_run -single from a terminal and post the output?

No output. Even with using some hotkeys.

How is it broken then? It does not appear?

Yes it does not. You can only get an idication that it’s active by noticing, that the current window is now inactive.

If you disconnect the second monitor and logout and login does window mover appear?

That sounds like a bad hotkey combo to use… given that macOS users typically use Ctrl + W to close a Window to an app. Almost be like saying the hotkey is Alt + F4 + workspace number to a user coming from Windows :sweat_smile:. I am not saying there is a good solution to that problem though.