How to install multiarch-support on Ubuntu budgie 21.10?

How to install multiarch-support on Ubuntu budgie 21.10?

what do you mean by “multiarch-support” ? what are you trying to-do?

I’m trying to install a driver for printer LBP 2900 but I got the following message

where multiarch-support is not installed so I’m trying to install it through terminal but I don’t know how.

When I used “sudo apt-get install multiarch-support” to install multiarch-support , i got the following:

Most 32bit packages are no longer supported since 20.04.

Really manufacturers should be producing 64bit packages now. Please make sure you have downloaded the correct package … 64bit.

Sometimes you can force a 32bit package to be installed … it is kind of hit and miss

Something like this answer would install that dependency.

Whether it will allow that 32bit printer driver to work I have no idea.

My thanks , multiarch support has been successfully installed, but it remains a problem about /etc/rc.local file , I don’t have this file installed in my system, can you please tell me how to create this file and its content

Type on a terminal

sudo mkdir /etc/rc.local

That will create a folder

If the package was expecting a file then you can remove that folder and create a blank file

sudo rm /etc/rc.local
sudo touch /etc/rc.local

Thanks problem solved!