Nvidia 340 Driver on Ubuntu Budgie 20.10

Installed Ubuntu Budgie 20.10 on my 10 year old Alienware M15x laptop.
All is running great and smooth, apart from the Nvidia 340 driver.
It will not install from Additional Drivers or from command line.
Here is a link to a copy of my bash record:

Dustin, thanks for the Twitter interaction today.
This situation is not an issue for me, as Nouveau works just fine for my needs, but the community also needs to know.
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I think it is worth reporting this to launchpad.

I am surprised that the age old 340 drivers are still being offered. I thought they were not compatible with the Mesa version in 20.10.

Maybe that’s the bug that they should not be offered and should be removed.

Anyway, a bug report will sort that out to launchpad

ubuntu-bug nvidia-340

Hey @MintSpider, no worries on Twitter!

Are you able to submit the bug as David suggested? Then we can work towards a solution.

Appreciate your time.