4K TV - Nvidia Lag 2021 - No Nvidia Screen Sizer - driver is a Dog.2021

My video card lags badly on a 4K TV streaming video.
The card runs on my 5 year old plasma and monitor.
Nvidia’s miserable excuse for a driver does not even have the “display interface sizing arrows like on windows 10 " for simple adjustment on my plasma.
Nvidia should be banned from ubuntu software.
Im now been told the AMD has a good service and high quality drivers for ubuntu and 4K TVs…
I am now having to buy a “Radeon R5 340X 2GB Low Profile card " for my media center Case.
I cant believe in 2021 that you have to jump through hoops to find a workaround for a third world code writing company who only supports MS windows properly.
My” Nvidia fix is this code” $:/ Sudo Gun Range with a 40 caliber bullet through the PCB.
Ububtu Budgie Fan

CPU fx 6300
Ram 12 GB
SSD Samsung EVO 500GB
Video card Nvidia gt 1030 ddr5 2 G
Internet - Fiber 100 up 100 GB down

Just be aware AMD themselves seem to be behind the times with their PRO driver support

It appears they support only 20.04 - the 5.4 kernel … and even that kernel they seem to be having issues with.

Thankyou Fossfreedom.
Built an Ubuntu system as dear old dad turns off Windows computer and uses the power button to turn off computer.
So linux OS can mix concrete.
I thought this OS would work out great.
I believe the best way Ubuntu can move into 2021 is to provide a kit for new bees , that lists a computer build kit that interface’s seamlessly into ubuntu budgie with step by step instructions for a stand alone OS install.
Windows ,Mac and Android ,have shown how an OS can be a Political weapon to promote an ideology.
The masses are searching for alternatives to the Soviet norms.
The day has come for a buy on line usb OS for joe public .

Hi again Budgie friends.
I have managed to force Nvidia card to mostly work on a 4K Samsung TV

  1. Update Samsung TV internal computer.
  2. Make sure you have the Nvidia Server- Or the Nvidia video card interface on your computer.
    3 . Go to Nvidia Settings.
    4 . Go to X Server Display Config.
  3. Selection = Samsung TV
  4. Resolution = 3840x2160 - 30 Hz
  5. Apply.
    8 . Save to X config
    Must have 16GB of memory minimum with a min 2 GB video card.
    Dont completely turn off computer as you have to re program video card settings.
    Only Suspend !
    I dont Know how to hold the card settings yet.
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