How to install Orca?

Anyone ever had to install and configure Orca Gnome Screen Reader in Budgie? Is this possible? Struggling to find a good guide to install it in 18.04. Or, alternatively, any good functional screen reader in Budgie.

Oh, guessing Orca won’t work since it says “Orca v3.31.x is supported on GNOME 3.31.x only.” =|

orca seems to be able to launch ok on budgie

orca -s    to display the config dialog

You need to manually bind a key combination via Settings to get orca to run on demand

But to be honest - budgie desktop does not have all the accessibility extensions that gnome-shell has. A fair amount of coding work on this needs to be done to get the Accessibility part working e.g. reading menu options etc.

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Here I was looking for Orca in the menu and everywhere, didn’t realize it was already there! Thanks!

I just am going to use it for the browser, I don’t need one myself but I’m a web developer and wanted to get it set up for testing.