How to move windows when top bar is out of reach

I’m using Budgie on a small screen (netbook type). Some applications have windows that are bigger than the availible space on my screen. I’d like to move them around to be able to see the part of the window I’m interested in at any given time. Which works as long as I move them horizontally.

But how can I move a window over the top of my screen. I can’t grab the top bar and push farther than the top of the screen. Is there a key I can hold to grab and move a window at other places than the top bar? (It’s ‘Alt’ in Gnome, doesn’t work here.)

you can use ALT + F7


Hi and welcome @xan !

You can use Windows Left key + Left click mouse.

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I did not know that [ ALT + left click ] was not available in Budgie. Why so ?

It’s the quite common way to grab windows !

Some Ubuntu flavors are using Super_L and others Alt.
Then, both of them are a standard way.

Mmm… [ Alt ] seems more « multi platform » than [ super ] key. Ok why not…

…but I noticed some days ago I have a DELL server station at work which keyboard has no super key.

Thank you very much, @ruwe and @costales. Both your solutions work for me.

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It’s a pleasure to be of help :slight_smile:

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