How to open windows/applications in the center of screen on Budgie?

I’ve been searching for it in the settings, in the internet, no success.

Every time I open an application (text editor, terminal, gimp, firefox), it doesn’t open centered, it opens in the top left corner. Even if I move the window to the center, it doesn’t save where I put the window. So, if I open it again, it opens again in the top left corner.

Budgie settings also doesn’t have something like that.
I’m not completely sure, but GNOME has the same problem.

KDE, Xfce and Cinnamon, however, do not!

How to manage it?

Same topic as this?

I saw this thread before asking,
However, it says:
404 Page Not Found for

It’s now in an unreleased subfolder

You can also switch over into Gnome and use Tweaks. There is an option to center all windows works with Budgie as well…OR…

Open dconf and go to; /org/gnome/mutter/center-new-windows and flip the switch or turn to “true.”

I just implemented a “Center Windows” option in Budgie Desktop Settings -> Windows in my latest commit. It’ll be in Budgie 10.5 stable (which’ll be released once translations are up-to-date, I’ll have more on that in a forthcoming Solus blog post).