How to stop workspace switching when clicking on a link

When I’m reading my mail in a workspace and I click on a link, how do I stop the desktop changing workspace to the Firefox workspace running elsewhere.
When I click on a link, I want the link to open in Firefox but I don’t want the focus to go to another workspace.
Thanks in advance.

Nobody replied or had a clue about this problem so I have gone back to Ubuntu Mate.

I actually like to see this as well, workspaces should work as virtual desktops.

To be honest I think it makes perfectly sense if a call is done to an application on another workspace, the desktop moves to that workspace.
Other way around, I feel it would be silly if it doesn’t.

Maybe I am missing what you mean.

For example 2 users on a laptop. One has a Firefox browser running in workspace 2. The other, me, now clicks on a link in a PDF file on my workspace, 1. I expect a new browser to open on my workspace. As I do not know if she has a browser running and don’t want to mess with the apps running in her workspace. Also her browser configuration/layout may be completely different.

One step further: bind a Firefox user profile to a specific workspace :slight_smile:

For me, if Firefox is my default and it is already running in workspace 1, if I click a link in my email in workspace 2, it opens a new instance of Firefox on workspace 2.

I think its because I have Firefox set to open links in new windows instead of new tabs.

Hmmm, I must be really missing something, are you using the same laptop by two users, but on one and the same user account?

Ah yes correct. No need for 2 user accounts, just 2 browser profiles is enough separation. But I get your point. For my use case the solution is simple: use 2 user accounts.

yeah! That would stop the “but you deleted my file” type arguments!

Well that wouldn’t happen has we have our own folder in Documents.
Binding a Firefox user profile to a workspace would be enough for me. But it’s not a big deal, for those moments you click on a link outside the browser, you can copy paste.