Installer doesn't tell me how to proceed

I’m running a Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master motherboard which has three M.2 drive slots. I filled these slots with three M.2 drives… 2 x 500GB and 1 x 1TB. Windows 10 Home 64-bit is installed successfully on one of the 500GB M.2 drives. I wish to dual boot Ubuntu Budgie on the other 500GB M.2 drive. Installation goes well until I get to the page where you decide where to install. On the page where it asks if I would like to install alongside of Windows, I chose the bottom “something else” option and continued to the next page. The next page kind of reminds me of g-Parted. There are two lists: the top half and the bottom. Bottom left it asks for the device for boot loader installation. Directly across…bottom right there are buttons for New Partition Table, and Revert. Directly below that are buttons for Quit, Back, and Install Now. Here I get lost. I can highlight the drive partition where I want to install on top, and select it from the drop down list below. If I hit the Install Now button I get an error message: “No root file system is defined. Please correct this from the partitioning menu.” From there I have no idea what I can do or how to do it. Help!!! Thanks. By the way, the MB BIOS is up-to-date and so is Windows.

Have you assigned a file type and and selected a mount point? The file system type would be ext4. With multiple drives selecting the mount point requires more thought and research in order to choose the correct boot flag.

Take your time and do so some web searching related to this topic before proceeding. There is much information available, but be sure it is current. The question of dual booting with multiple drives has been addressed on Ask Ubuntu and Ubuntu Forums and many other sites. I dual boot on the same drive which makes setting the flag much easier .

Frogshair: I have dual booted on a single drive alongside Windows many times. All you have to do is select “Dual boot alongside Windows” on that option page and the installer automatically gives you its recommended partitioning scheme. That’s What I will do. I’m 68 and just want to be able to use Linux for my everyday driver and Windows for gaming. I have Windows on a 500GB M.2. I’ve got a 1TB M.2 that I’d rather use for the dual boot. How would I install Windows on the 1TB and remove it from the other? That’s the new question.

New situation. I just used Macrium Reflect 7 Free Edition to clone my C drive which contains Windows. I now have a C drive on a 500GB M.2 and an I drive on the 1TB M.2 drive which are identical and contain windows. Do I delete the C drive leaving the I drive and an empty 500GB M.2, or is there some process I need to do to make sure windows boots from the I drive? Once I know windows is booting from the 1TB M.2 drive instead of from the 500GB M.2 drive I can dual boot Ubuntu Budgie alongside windows on the 1TB drive. Macrium didn’t say what to do with the drive I cloned. Windows is showing 4 drives when I only have 3. If I delete C, will windows boot from I… or would I have to make a permanent boot order change in the BIOS before dealing with the C drive I cloned?

With two drives you can also use the bios to select the boot device having each operating system independent. To install an OS you could disconnect the drive you are not working with until finished and use the bios to select one or the other during boot. I have no knowledge of cloning Windows for installation on a different drive though you can do a clean installation on each drive independently if you can backup files to a removable device or cloud storage.

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Frogshair: This is EXACTLY how I did mine. Two distinct drives, an OS install on each. GRUB sorts out letting you choose which one to boot to when you start.