Kernel module btusb -- cpu usage UB 19.04

I am poking around on an older laptop that has higher than expected cpu usage while on battery.
The laptop has bluetooth turned off. Yet, I see a kernel module btusb using cpu. Any easy suggestions other than compiling a kernel? Do you think 19.10 would be any better?


If you dont need bluetooth you should be able to blacklist the kernel module

sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf


blacklist btusb

At the bottom. Save

Then update the kernel

 sudo update-initramfs -u


Hmm … followed your suggestion, running powertop, still listed under Device stats??

Try also blacklisting the bluetooth module. They both might have to be blacklisted together

Nope, that did not do it :frowning: Interesting that it does not show up under 19.10, instead it lists Radio Device: iwlwifi as 100%