Laptop crashed and cannot restart

I have a new Tuxedo laptop BC1710, installed budgie with encryption. Had to reboot a couple of times because of flashes of what looked like encoding or something across the screen, together with lines on Skype. Not all the time, only sometimes. Finally, I was writing on Facebook when suddenly it started deleting everything I had written. I went over to my text editor with my mouse and clicked on some text: it started deleting it. I plugged in an external keyboard and it worked, so I typed “reboot” into the terminal. The monitor went blank and stayed there. I can’t even switch the power off and it doesn’t respond to any keys either on the laptop or the external keyboard. Any advice greatly appreciated.

Right. This sounds like a hardware issue.

The deleting of text sounds like the delete/backspace key is stuck down.

Either there is something stuck under the key or worse there is something fundamental with the key press mechanism.

Do a full laptop reset by unplugging from the mains, removing the battery and pressing and hold the power button for 10 seconds to discharge the laptop.

Use an air can blaster to blow under the keys as far as you can before reconnecting and retrying.

Then connect the battery and mains and

If I do this, will it affect the warrantee?

No. It’s the sort of thing tech support would advise you todo.

Thanks Fossfreedom, I will try it.

I removed and replaced the battery, it seems to be working now. Thank you very much.


If this happens again I would contact tuxedo … that would be a sign of a faulty laptop.

Thanks again Fossfreedom