Libreoffice large menus on standard / low resolution screen

Libreoffice 6.2 just hit the repository. The good news is that it now works with libcpdb-libs-common1 installed. The bad news is that a mouse click on Files, Edits, etc has the popup window to the top of the budgie main window.

please file a bug report against libreoffice. thx

ubuntu-bug libreoffice

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just to check - what resolution are you running with?

If you are less than 1024 … and assuming you are using the Pocillo theme - does using Pocillo-slim work better for you ?

yeah - big spacing between toolbars is ugly!

Menus are ridiculously huge now - its never going to work with 768px vertical resolution users.

My thinkpad runs at 1366x768. Yes, Pocillo-slim seems to work better. I have checked this with Solus and Ubuntu 19.04 and both have the same issues.

Does changing the font size in budgie-desktop-settings from 11 to 10 make any beneficial effects to libreoffice?

That improved some of the dropdowns but the Insert still go’s wacko.

Did some resolution testing on this. 1600 x 900 does not have the problem whereas 1280 x 800 does.

Ok - for libreoffice - since you are using quite a low resolution there isn’t much we can do theme wise.

However - libreoffice does have two user interface modes that solve the lengthy menu issues:

view - user interface - tabbed / grouped compact.

Personally grouped compact looks good and is quite useable.

If I run the Libreoffice window full screen then using Pocillo-slim seems to solve the problem. However, if I run LO in a smaller window then the Insert tab uses the desktop top menu for fixed spacing i.e. its the same distance regardless of where the LO window is.

Personally, I don’t like the Grouped compact menu myself – prefer to see LO fix their bug.

The Thinkpad I have is a dual boot Windows 7 and UB 19.04. Just for grins I installed LO 6.2 on Win 7. No trace of the window problem. So, it appears to impact Ubuntu and UB 19.04.

hmm - I could slim all menus for pocillo-slim a little bit more - this screenshot is 768px



I don’t think this is a theme problem or that the theme can fix it. It looks like Libreoffice is using absolute positioning for the popup but it’s NOT using the active window for top positioning. Instead it looks like its using the budgie desktop for top positioning. See examples below.

In this example, the libreoffice windows it at the top of the screen and the Insert popup looks good.


In this example, I have moved the Libreoffice windows down a bit but as you can see the Insert popup is still positioned relative to the top panel.


hmm - that is a GTK thing. Try it with another app like Nemo - just move the app towards the bottom of the screen - the menu then pops from its anchor position

Try it with another app like Nemo - just move the app towards …

Nope, every other app tested works fine.


As mentioned - just move nemo towards the bottom of the screen - menus will then pop.

This is a GTK+3 observation.