Trouble scrolling menus

Hi. I am having trouble scrolling through some menus.

On Firefox and Eclipse, for example, I can scroll the menus as long as they have a lateral scroll bar.

When the window, page or menu does not have a scrollbar, scrolling with the mouse center bottom does not have any effect. I have to use the keyboard or the mouse pointer.

This is ok, as long as the menu is not very large. When there are a lot of items in the list, some fall below the screen margin and I cannot reach them scrolling with the mouse.

I can reach the items with the keyboard, but I am unable to see them. They stay hidden below the bottom of the screen margin and do not come into view.

Does this have anything to do with the Budgie Desktop? I am using Ubuntu Budgie 18.10 on a Dell Laptop with a 14" screen.

The problem seem to have occurred only recently.

Check that the theme you are using is a slim variant e.g. pocillo-slim. This should shrink the menus enough to prevent menus breaching the screen space.

Thanks for your swift answer.

Using Pocillo slim really helps making the menus fit the screen. Using Vimix-Laptop theme makes the problem reoccur.

This is sort of limiting the themes to really a very few. Is there no other fix?

Sounds like a GTK issue and probably should be reported to the GNOME team. Given that themes help, it should be possible to fiddle with menu css via .config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css to slim the padding between menu items - it’s an override for all themes.

Thanks for the effort, David. I will see what I can do …