Looking for best Linux Chat rooms / IRC in town

As there are a lot of “Linux Gurus” here, I am looking for Chat Rooms ( not forums) where I could ask linux 101 questions to people that have been using linux before they were walking.

I come from the Mac, PC, Networking, security world, but when I was young, studied as a programmer so I am not that stupid LOL Yes I installed severs, network, firewall, but for me Debian, Arch, Ubuntu, KDE Plasma, Budgie is still a lot to grasp… (tried 10 distros last week and I am still in love with Budgie and Ubuntu based distros ( less headaches for now, for me )

I am looking for popular Chat or IRC channel where I could bother linux expert.

I don’t want to use budgie discourse for my “non budgie related questions”.

Forums are cool, Reddit etc but I would prefer something to interact live with Professionnal.

There are a lot of Telegram groups that you might want to check out.
Usually very friendly and sometimes funny, but also a lot of people with lots of knowledge.
You could try the Ubuntu Podcast one to start with, a couple of these guys actually work for Canonical.


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Just installed Telegram on my desktop… I like their Forums/chat GUI… simple and Clean

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