Hello community!

Thought I would introduce myself here.
I usually have problems making friends so I spent most my time at my computer.
Made my first program in Pascal at age 14 when I got my first computer.
I like math, music, coding, learning new stuff and at the time using Linux.

I have been using Linux alot from way back, installed Ubuntu some times but never got any good
feeling until recently when I got Ubuntu Budgie :slight_smile: So I feel very excited.

I do have alot of projects like, 4 web pages but nowhere to put them. A small business just doing some random work here and there and also like to learn more.

Also I make music. I have been playing since the age of 6-7 so guess I can call myself a musichian now :slight_smile: played at a pretty big concert with my band about age 13 in Oslo, Norway where I come from.

I am looking to hook up with people that are enthusiastic, want to do some project of some kind or simply exchange some computer experience or just have some tech chats :slight_smile: I got multiple platforms for communication so it should not be any problem, I judge no one by the cover whoever you are…

At the time what lies close to heart is the freedom I get when using Linux and also started playing the guitar again.

So if you want to hook up, just reply here and we can take it from there :slight_smile:
Shout out to everyone here in the community! #SALUTE