Tks to the Ubuntu Budgie Team and Community

Who I am
JF 50 yrs old

  • worked with Dos, Windows 3.11, Amiga, Commodore, Macintosh, WIndows
  • bough all the toys that existed Apple Newton, Pocket PC, Palm Pilot and so on
  • Was a Apple IT guy / evangelist when Apple started to be known in 1984
  • Became an IT / Microsoft network / security guy / messaging guy

Felt in love with Linux (as my own company has been working on linux servers for 15 years )
Mint was my way of quitting the Windows World for my " day to day station "

After playing 2 month with Ubuntu Budgie on different computers, old, newers, getting used to your world ( Plank, Panels, Applets … ) I am not in love with UB!

I talk every week about it to friends, those I try to convert from Windows, those already usingLinux…

Tks to all the developers and people behind this cool project !!!

JF who love his new way of working with his computer !!!