MacBook shuts down with sudo reboot

Got UB running on a 2013 MacBook Pro. So far so good. Have Tweaks installed to allow the screen to not suspend in clamshell mode. x11vnc in from another MacBook…

Trying to load and work with rtl_433. Whenever I issue…

$ sudo reboot

The MacBook shuts down & will not wake, and I have to go back in the network rack, pull out the laptop, hold the power down to reset, then press power button to reboot, enter password, and then close the clamshell, re vnc back in. PITA!!!

Any ideas how to avoid? I read where the nvidia driver needed to be selected over, but it errors out when I try to apply it.

appreciate any help

Hi and welcome

Stuff like this is usually linux kernel related.

There maybe kernel parameters you can use via grub.

Since kernel stuff isn’t budgie specific, the wider ubuntu community can help here.

So please do also ask on and