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Matebook X Pro fingerprint reader support


Ah, that’s better. Good work. 10 hours is pretty sweet. Any other impressions of the laptop overall?


I like having both usb-c and usb-a.
The screen is just beautiful.
Speakers are more than adequate, but I also don’t usually play anything thru speakers to begin with.
Build construction is good. I like the all metal chassis.
Keyboard is good. Travel is short but still enough feedback for me.

I do have one issue with the keyboard. The keys on the bottom left are [ctrl, fn, win, alt]. My hands naturally want to go to the fn key when I do ctrl-c, ctrl-v (with one hand). It is a bit of an awkward stretch to get to the ctrl in the far bottom left.

I do occasionally hear the fan (more than I thought I would) and not when running intensive apps…can be fairly loud.

Trackpad is accurate. I have a slight issue with accidentally resting my palm on the trackpad or making contact with it. It is because that trackpad is gigantic. Not sure if there is a setting (possibly on mac or win) that tries to ignore accidental touches.

It definitely seems very snappy.

I haven’t yet had a chance to install something more heavyweight like intellij idea for coding.
I’ve run minikube on there with no hiccups.

As far as running Linux. The nvidia drivers are kind of crap. I noticed 1) videos were pausing/freezing on youtube and other sites. This is with the nvidia gpu enabled or with it set to intel mode. I don’t see this issue with Nouveau drivers 2) battery life was not great. fixed also by moving back to nouveau driver

anything else you are interested in?


So, this may be a well known Chrome/Chromium problem and not the drivers. Many of us had the same thing on Chrome/Chromium, but not on Firefox. Go into advanced settings and turn off hardware acceleration, and the stuttering should go away.

Another question is what resolution are you using, as that screen is pretty high res. Are you using HIDPI settings and, if so, how is the distro working with them?


I’ve seen that on my macbook as well. As of now it went away after I switched from nvidia to nouveau but if/when I re-enable nvidia i’ll keep it in mind.

I was using the 3000x2000 resolution with scaling set to 200%.

However, I have to use Citrix to get into work and that doesn’t honor or have settings for hidpi which meant my work desktop would be at 3000x2000… everything was microscopically small.

So instead I have set the resolution to be 2160x1440 with scaling at 100%.

Budgie is having no issues with it at all (as far as I can tell).

It is really beautiful and crisp.


OMG, we need to start a Citrix support group… Man that’s terrible software on Linux or anywhere. I need it for work too… I’ve read online some people on Windows are having trouble with very frequent fan activation. Your experience?


When I need something (free) - I use nxmachine. At work I use the pcoip protocol (not free) on the Teradici Cas software (not free!). Full disclosure, I work for Teradici. Not pushing it, just making you aware of some of the more performant protocols/apps…


I recently got myself a Matebook X Pro and I’ve only been running stock ubuntu on it. However, I have read that it can get quite hot when enabling the nvidia drivers, so I’ve just stuck with the default drivers. I can rarely hear any fan noise at all, and I am very sensitive to sounds believe me. The only noise I hear is the coil hiss sometimes.

Any news regarding fingerprint support?


I’ve not read anyone getting fingerprint support working in Linux, but I’m not sure how many have really tried. I think better fingerprint reader support is maybe on the future Ubuntu roadmap (I think it was supposed to be in 18.xx but was dropped).


It depends on your fingerprint reader manufacturer. As fossfreedom noted above, there is the libfprint project that serves to process the fingerprint data. Here is a list of supported manufacturers; https://fprint.freedesktop.org/supported-devices.html.

There is fingerprint reading software for logging in packaged as fingerprint-gui. https://launchpad.net/~fingerprint/+archive/ubuntu/fingerprint-gui and here; http://www.ullrich-online.cc/fingerprint/

My laptop has an Elan fingerprint which for a long time was not supported. Many of the Acer and I think Asus laptops use them. Now I have read it is and will be filtering into Ubuntu with the 0.8.3 libfprint version. Hopefully it will be updated in Manjaro soon as well and I can test it.